Value Statement


To help those in developing nations by providing basic medical supplies to established medical organizations and facilities.

Note from our Founder

Some of you made it clear that I should explain why this foundation was initiated. So, let me explain. Three unrelated events led to the Han2Han Foundation.

First was the unexpected 2016 death of my beloved father, Clement Hall, where he lived in Jamaica, my native country. 

Despite the geographic distance between us, we were very close. Before he would phone, I could feel his presence. I considered him my best friend.

Dad’s death was an unwelcome surprise. He was rushed to a hospital 90 minutes away. He developed pneumonia, became septic and then died. It was a sudden, crushing blow. I cried every day. I continue to feel that if he had been in the United States, he would have received better, quicker care and would be alive today.

"consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds".

Second, some months later I underwent open heart surgery and an extended hospital stay. I was still sorely grieving for dad. At the same time, I observed the astounding quantity of gloves and hand sanitizer used in my medical care.  There were multiple contacts by many people daily. And for one patient alone that translated into a lot of gloves and hand sanitizer. I began to imagine how much is needed for all patients daily!

Third was a commute. On a New York City subway ride, I overheard a conversation. One young man talked about his challenges providing medical care in a developing country. He told his colleague that supplies, equipment and facilities were in short supply. That conversation was my “ah ha” moment.

Hebrews 10:24 calls us to "consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds". With the subway interaction, my grief focused on something solidly positive and I began Han2Han.

My father, Clement Hall, would be overjoyed to know that his passing spurred good for others.  He often said, "there isn't an ill wind that don't blow kind".

He meant that bad events oftentimes lead to something good.  For example, a hurricane-- while devastating, provides work for builders and generates many kindnesses from strangers.


Doing good is healing!

Han2Han exists to help under-resourced medical facilities in Jamaica and other developing countries around the world.  The name captures the image of one hand helping the other.

Incidentally, "han" is Jamaican slang for "hand".  The word recognizes that our hands are essential to provide care.  Our focus is supplying medical care sanitary products. When possible, we partner with other organizations to execute our mission.

Generous medical corporations, foundations, and successful business people are major backers of our medical supplies services. It’s astounding how many kind, generous people there are.

As I think back, I’m humbled by the wind that tore through my life and yet has turned into such a blessing for so many.


Colin Hall

Founder, Han2Han